Title: There Once Was A boy Called Tashi
Author: Anna and Barbara Fienberg
ISBN: 1741141982
Publisher: Allen & Unwin
First Published: 2006

Rating: 4/5

When Gloomin the ogre tramples the village, Tashi must find what he’s looking for, or else the village will have years of the Gloomin winter. There once was a boy called Tashi, who had a way with witches and warlords. He wasn’t afraid of giants, or ghosts, or the wicked baron by the river, but never, ever, had he dreamed of an ogre such as Gloomin. When the ogre tramples into the village, the Magic Warning Bell screams out, and the people all hurry into their houses. Only Tashi is brave enough to face the Gloomin…Step into the magical world of Tashi.

Tashi is an inquisitive fellow who will delight both toddlers and young readers. The bold print is clear and easily read and the accompanying pictures are delightful. This fable of a courageous young boy imparts a lovely lesson – that with a little bravery and understanding, we can find the best in others. Highly recommended.