Title: Savage (Available as part of Men of the Otherworld as of February 2009)
Author: Kelley Armstrong
ISBN: -none- (online novella) (Men of the Otherworld ISBN: 978-1841497433)
Rating: 3/5

Savage is Armstrong’s first online novella and is a prequel to Bitten in that it follows Clay’s story, of how, as a boy, he became a werewolf and was subsequently found and taken in by Jeremy Danvers.

It was incredibly interesting to see the dark beginnings of Clay, who, as all Armstrong fans know, eventually grows up to be the main muscle of The Pack and Jeremy’s body guard as well as Elena’s lover. It’s entirely written in the first person, from Clay’s point of view. This is something that usually annoys the hell out of me in novels, but the Otherworld series seems to be the exception to the rule and I’ve barely noticed it while reading any of the books. Same goes for this novella.

It’s well-written, full of action and insight, and is completely engrossing – I literally sped through it despite currently reading another book at the same time. I found myself literally gagging to get to the next page and see what happens next, so much so that I’ve already begun reading the next online novella in the series, Ascension.

This is my introduction to online fiction and Armstrong’s approach seems to be particularly good in that she asks for input from her fans and actually takes their ideas and opinions on board – it’s not every writer who would be so humble. Long may it continue and long may she write; both books and online fiction – there’ll always be an audience for it!